Why should I buy a boiling water tap?

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So, you are thinking about buying a boiling water tap for your home or office? Well, you have come to the right place! In this blog, we’ll let you know all the reasons why you should join the INTU Kitchen Revolution and install an INTU Boiling Water Tap.

Now, you might already be thinking  ‘I already have a kettle, so why do I need a boiling water tap?’ That is a fair question to ask after all because a Boiling Water Tap costs more to purchase initially but the rewards and benefits of having one installed will soon make a Boiling Water Tap an essential item in your home or office.



First of all, we need to talk about safety as this is extremely important for all kitchens. Safety is a huge factor in our product development and is something that we are extremely passionate about at INTU Boiling Water Taps Company.

Kettles can be very dangerous if left unsupervised
By purchasing a boiling water tap, you are effectively making a kettle redundant. Kettles are the cause of numerous scalds and burns to children every day. It is just too tempting for a child to reach up and try to grab a kettle wire, or the kettle itself, which can result in serious physical and mental trauma for many children and parents. A boiling water tap eliminates this risk from the home entirely, by discarding your kettle and helping to minimise the risk of serious injury to your child.

Heavy kettles are dangerous to move and pour safely
For many unable or elderly people, making a hot drink is very difficult and dangerous. Handling a heavy kettle full of hot boiling water is a task that can be quickly eliminated with the use of a boiling water tap instead of a kettle. No moving or pouring is required. Simply press the safety button down, turn the handle and take exactly the amount of hot water that is required for the drink. Then as soon as you let go of the handle the boiling water stops.

The safest choice
For instant boiling water in your home, INTU Boiling Water Taps Company is the simplest and safest choice. Hot filtered water at up to 98ᵒC is quickly produced through the tamper proof safety handle, which is double spring loaded for extra security. The tanks themselves are also heavily safety focused with an open vented cistern instead of a normal pressurised boiling cistern. This allows additional safety features on the boiling water tank and a safer controlled flow of water from the tap.

Our taps also feature a unique 180ᵒ swivel spout for ease of use and accessibility. We have deliberately locked the tap, so it cannot fully rotate beyond the confines of the sink and sink unit; this also prevents any potential for mistakes made during installation. Even our handles are full of safety features. Activate the child-safe catch by pushing down on it, then twist and hold. As soon as you remove your hand, the safety catch returns to safe and is switched off – keeping your family safe throughout use.

Cool to the touch
As with some kettles, some boiling water taps are hot to touch and show no visual sign of danger.
With an INTU Boiling Water Taps Company boiling water tap the dispensed water runs independently through the centre of the spout, ensuring your tap is always cool to the touch. The tap delivers a safe, controlled flow of water from the spout, eliminating any dangerous spitting or spurting.


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Save the Environment

A boiling water tap is more environmentally friendly than a kettle. That is a fact!

We all know that there is more we can do to help to protect the environment. The majority of us are now recycling on a daily basis, separating our food waste from the cardboard and plastic packages they come in. We’ve done this for some time now and it has become a part of normal daily life. Now we have newer advances in technology that can help the environment. Things like electric cars and the boiling water tap.

Our 4-in-1 taps come fitted with a pure filtered cold water mixer, which means you will no longer have to buy bottled water as you can enjoy pure filtered cold water directly from your kitchen tap. As a result, you can reduce your own plastic waste contribution and help to save the environment in the process.

When comparing a boiling water tap to a full kettle; a full kettle uses a lot of energy to heat up, while a boiling water tap provides you with the correct amount of hot water required in seconds. Don’t waste time and electricity to boil water you aren’t even going to use. Get the right amount every time from your boiling water tap!


Save Money

Our boiling water taps can save you money!

Yes, our boiling water taps are economical and energy-efficient when compared to using a standard kettle – saving energy, water and money. Yes, there is an initial outlay for the tap itself and the installation, but you will immediately begin to reap the rewards of investing in a boiling water tap. You will also save time with a boiling water tap which, if you are a very busy person, could give you more time in your day to relax.

Our 4-1 4OUR, ELITE or FORM INTU Boiling Water Taps provide filtered cold water which eliminates the need to buy filtered plastic bottled waters. This could quickly become a large monthly saving for many people, or you can just benefit from pure instant filtered cold water, knowing that your 4-1 Boiling Water Tap is helping to reduce plastic use and waste throughout the UK.

For most busy households or businesses, the savings that come from using a boiling water tap will soon stack up. On average it costs 2.5p to boil a kettle, add them all up and you’ll soon be saving a lot of water, energy, time and money. Now who doesn’t want that? So much water and energy is wasted by using a kettle daily especially if you pour out old pre-boiled water to re-fill the kettle before boiling again.


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Keep yourself and your family safe.

Our INTU boiling water taps are not just designed to be cost effective; they are also designed to keep you healthy. Do you ever check the inside of your own kettle? If you’re in a hard water area you’ll need to de-scale your kettle regularly. With a boiling water tap from INTU Boiling Water Taps Company, our filter system stops any limescale build-up, keeping your water cleaner and healthier.

The most common concern for any healthcare environment is the bacterial and biological contamination. The beauty of the INTU Boiling Water Taps Company 4 in 1 Boiling Water Tap is the filter supplied, which not only filters out limescale, chlorine and calcium, but also micro bacterial organisms, so that it is safe to drink water straight from the tap.

The water can be heated up to a constant 98ᵒC. Pasteurisation (kills those organisms that can cause harm to humans) occurs at 65ᵒC, so you can be sure that anything which has been put under the tap for 1 minute at 98ᵒC has been pasteurised.



Simply, instant boiling water!

Another fantastic benefit of our boiling water taps is the availability to boil water quickly and efficiently. Simply turn the tap and out comes the boiling water. No filling up the kettle, waiting for it to boil and then repeat the process next time you want a cup of tea. Our boiling water taps provide boiling water instantly, with no need to wait for the water to heat up.
If you have mobility issues, an instant hot water tap eliminates the need to lift and pour a heavy kettle and therefore reducing the potential for an accident to occur.

Some of our boiling water taps also come with a flexi-hose to make filling up pans easier. This is a feature that is available on our INTU Form 4-1 Collection. A premium feature, but for the complete flexibility of your kitchen tap, this range is perfect for you.


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Stylish and Customisable Designs

Anything you have in your home has got to look the part, right?
Our boiling water taps are beautifully designed and exude a sleek and modern look, benefitting of any modern kitchen. With taps available in a stylish chrome, brushed finish and a variety of colours and styles, you are sure to find the right tap for your kitchen.

Soon you will have the option to further customise your tap with our ‘colour your kitchen’ service! This a bespoke and unique service that allows you to choose from a larger range of colours and finishes additional to our online products. As a bespoke service, it takes us a little longer to get your tap to you, but the extra waiting time will produce a stunningly unique tap which you’ll be overjoyed with.


Technologically Advanced

If you love technology and having all the latest gadgets, how can you be without a boiling water tap?
A touch sensitive LED display and controls the temperature from 55ᵒC – 98ᵒC. This advanced tank removes 99% of water bound contaminations ‘including Chlorine’ so all you can taste is what you decide to drink – and all directly from your INTU Boiling Water Taps Company tap! As an added bonus our boiling water tanks include a filter recognition system that lets you know when you need to replace your filter – doing this to keep your water and tap clean from limescale.


More Kitchen Space

Who doesn’t crave more space in the home?
Space can be a big issue in the kitchen. Many kitchens in the UK sometimes just aren’t quite big enough. Whether it be in an old cottage or a new build, where space often comes at a premium, more surface space is always welcome.

As we’ve already seen, adding a boiling water tap to your kitchen means that you no longer need a kettle in your kitchen, which has been a staple in almost every home for decades. As a result of this, you can benefit from the extra space that you are craving on your kitchen worktop, perhaps for another appliance or simply some extra space to chop the vegetables.

And don’t worry about the water tank… this will tuck neatly under your sink.
We offer all of these great features on our taps complete with a 2 year guarantee.

What are you waiting for? Buy yours now


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