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Why our taps supply 98ºC hot water


A common questions – so here is the science and reasoning behind it :

The Science

At INTU Boiling Water Taps Company we have developed all our products with safety, health, ease of use and the environment in mind.

Our tank system only heats up to a maximum of 98 degrees for safety reasons. This is the temperature cut off point just before the water starts to boil. Now, if the water gets to 100 degrees it starts to spit and bounce so keeping it at just below this temperature allows the water to come from the tap at a nice steady safe stream with no spitting.

Just like when boiling a kettle, if you try to pour when the water is bubbling and bouncing the water will tend to splash around and be unpredictable when attempting to pour into a cup.

Every year there are hundreds of hot water accidents in the home towards children, unable and elderly people. Keeping our systems at 98 degrees with a steady stream of water improves safety towards our customers and their families.

The Reason

When making a cup of tea many people think you have to have the water at 100 degrees. Here is what the UK Tea & Infusion Association say on their website:

The water temperature for tea should be between 90 – 98 degrees 

Make sure the water temperature is right

Leaving your boiled kettle to cool down for a few minutes gives you the perfect required temperature for your tea.

Our top tip is that you should never pour boiling water over a tea bag or loose tea. The reason for this is because the boiling water will burn the tea, it scalds it and therefore, the tea doesn’t release all of its maximum flavours.

Tea is very delicate plant and needs to be cared for in order to receive the full benefits. So once your water has rested for about 2-3 minutes it’s ready to be poured onto your tea.

This quote is taken from tea guru Twinings on their website here :

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