Why Kettles Are A Magnet For Germs In The Kitchen

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The kettle is one of the most commonplace kitchen appliances in British homes.

Recent data shows 97% of households in the UK and Ireland own one*.

Yet, despite this, a new study has shown that they are a breeding ground for bacteria.

The findings come as the coronavirus pandemic has made maintaining high levels of cleanliness at home and in the workplace more crucial than ever.

And, over the past year, we’ve become more reliant on our kitchens than ever before. As restaurants, bars and cafes have closed, Brits have been cooking all three meals at home and drinking tea & coffee by the mugful.

Kettles can easily become an afterthought when cleaning the kitchen. Here’s why they may not be the best option for keeping your home safe and free from germs:


A recent study from disinfectant brand Microban 24 found that a typical kettle in a family home has more bacteria than a toilet seat*.

A swab test on everyday items and appliances, carried out by Dr Jonathan Cox, a Microbiologist from Aston University, found traces of Staphylococcus which can cause painful skin infections and possible E. coli, which can prompt severe stomach bugs and vomiting.

The kettle was identified as one of the worst culprits, according to the study, with the handle a particular hot spot.


easy clean tap

One of the main reasons why kettle handles are so dirty is because they are often overlooked when cleaning the kitchen. Boiling water taps are attached to the sink, making them much more likely to become a regular element of a kitchen cleaning regime – in the same way counter-tops and ovens are.


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If you only require hot and cold water, INTU’s range of touchless taps are great for minimising the spread of germs.

The INTU Vision IR 2-1 touchless tap has an infrared sensor so less bacteria can be passed from skin to skin. It stops and starts the flow of water automatically with a wave of the hand.

Meanwhile, its pull down spray head gives you full flexibility, so it’s easier to clean up any mess.


As well as being a vector for high levels of bacteria, kettles take unnecessary space in the kitchen, with unattractive wires that can get in the way and clutter worktops.

INTU boiling water taps make the kettle redundant, so there’s no need for them taking up valuable space.

There’s no choosing between style over substance, either. We pride ourselves on elegant design, so INTU boiling water taps are sleek and stylish kitchen additions, as well as functional, clean and space saving.



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