Why changing your filter is important


Our hot water tank is the engine and brain of your INTU Hot Water Tap. This small compact tank works endlessly to give you optimised 98 degree filtered hot water and filtered cold water instantly. It’s paramount these tanks are looked after and the filter is changed regularly.

INTU filters keep your tank in pristine condition, allowing the constant production of filtered near-boiling or cold water. The filter helps to reduce the build-up of limescale in the tank and ensures your system performs efficiently every time.

The INTU water tank is always hot, meaning this increases the possibility for the limescale to form. Failing to regularly change your hot water tank filter may not only invalidate your warranty but may also damage or kill the tank.

limescale img

Limescale is a hard chalky substance consisting mainly of calcium carbonate. It often builds up inside kettles, boilers and pipework, especially for hot water. Apart from limescale being hard to clean it can seriously damage or impair the operation of various plumbing and heating components. For every 1mm of scale built on a heating element an extra 10% of energy is required for it to function

Changing the filter is easy and quick to do. All you need to do it to make sure you have turned off the cold water supply, switch out the old filter and twist in your new filter. You’re then ready to go for up to another 4-6 months depending on the hardness of the water in your local area.

This is Limescale!

This video shows the potential build up of limescale within the tank if the filter is not replaced when required.

How to change a filter

Here is a short video showing how easy it is to replace an INTU 4-in-1 filter.

Why not register for an INTU Filter subscription

You can choose from either 4 or 6 months depending on whether you live in a hard or soft water area. Choose yours here.

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