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Which is the tap design for you?

Which is the tap design for you?

They say that ‘the kitchen is the heart of every home’ and we’re inclined to agree. That’s why, while we take the technical specifications of our Boiling Water Taps very seriously, we also understand that design is key. We have a wealth of different tap styles available, to suit your personal taste, discover them below:

Solo handle

Our Solo handle taps offer a more simple and compact design for your kitchen or utility room with all the safety features still included. See our Chique or Urban taps.

Swan neck

A traditional choice of tap design. This style gives you an elegant and organic shape for your kitchen. See our Asprey, Elite or 4OUR Swan taps.

Square neck

This popular style of tap is more modern. It adds an urban feel with an angular shape to your kitchen. See our Expression or 4OUR Square taps.

Pull down spray

Flexibility is key in some kitchens. This tap style gives you the ability to pull out a flexible hose, with two spray settings, that gives you more control over where the water goes. See our Form taps.


Our latest taps offer hands free control at your finger tips. Rinse your hands during cooking without touching your tap and help keep pesky germs from spreading in your kitchen with our Vision IR taps.


If you have any questions about any of our products please don’t hesitate to contact us on enquiries@intuboilingwatertaps.co.uk

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