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What are the features of a boiling water tap?

What are the features of a boiling water tap?

Our taps are designed to make our homes more convenient, which is why we have different options and combinations to make sure that you find the appliance to suit you. Do you drink lots of hot drinks? Buy lots of bottled filtered water? Or fancy chilled water straight from your tap? Your INTU Boiling Water Tap can answer all of these needs, you’ll wonder how you survived without it for so long! Find out more about the options below:

Hot filtered water

Get instant 98°c hot water straight from your tap. If you purchase a Luxe or Apex advanced tank you will be able to change the hot water temperature to between 55 (Luxe), 75 (Apex) and 98 degrees.

Cold filtered water

Remove the need for filtered plastic bottled water in your home and get it straight from your tap instead. Help save the environment by reducing single use plastics at home. Top Tip for traveling : buy an INTU Bottle and take your filtered hot or cold drinks with you when you leave the house.

Chilled filtered water

Enjoy chilled water for your cold drinks on a hot day and save room in your freezer by removing the need for ice cubes. Available on our 4OUR Swan and Square, and our Form tap ranges, instant chilled water can be a reality in your home with our Chiller System.

Sparkling water

Prefer your water with a little sparkle? We’re working on the perfect tap just for you, an instant carbonated water tap will be available in 2021, get in touch for more information.


If you have any questions about any of our products please don’t hesitate to contact us on enquiries@intuboilingwatertaps.co.uk

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