What are the benefits of a boiling water tap?

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INTU Evolution Boiling Water Tap products have been developed with you, your family and the environment in mind. Our mission is to reduce water waste, increase safety in the kitchen and provide a top quality service at a more reasonable price for our customers. Having a boiling water tap in your home offers so much more than the convenience of instant 98°c water, discover these below:

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Reduce water waste

We’re all guilty of it, boiling a full kettle for a single cup and then getting rid of leftover water. Having hot water on tap gives you the exact amount you need for your cuppa, instant noodles or whatever you need filtered hot water for.

Save time

Surely a no-brainer, why wait for the kettle to boil when you can get it instantly from your INTU kitchen tap. Also, a bonus top tip for new Mums: with either our Luxe or Apex tanks you can set the temperature of the water, which is handy for when mixing bottled milk.

Improve safety

Every year there are thousands of scalding accidents in the kitchen, and mainly involving children and the elderly. Having hot water from the tap means that lifting the kettle is no longer an issue while our safety spring latch can reduce the chance of children scalding themselves.

Save space

Who doesn’t love a clean and tidy kitchen? Removing the need for a kettle in your kitchen and leaves additional free space on your worktops, simple.

Healthier choice

With filtered 98°c hot water and filtered cold or chilled water you can have filtered drinking water instantly, which will naturally improve your health and help reduce plastic bottle usage.

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