We can’t officially call it a boiling water tap but you still can!

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Here at INTU Evolution we offer instant 98° hot water straight from your tap. The reason we set the temperature at 98° is to ensure a direct steady stream of hot water with no spitting or spluttering ensuring the safety of the user every time.

When searching for a boiling water tap INTU Evolution will be one of those brands you will see amongst other instant hot water taps sold throughout the UK.

When you boil a kettle you can see the water bubbling and spitting inside. You always wait until the kettle has boiled before pouring into a cup. And when you do pour the water into the kettle it instantly cools down by a couple of degrees before it reaches your cup.

All our tanks work using a non pressurised vessel which means no outdoor venting is needed as all the pressure goes through the spout of the tap. Making installation quick and easy for any plumber or competent DIYer. And with our tanks being small and compact they easily fit under your sink.

All you need to correctly install our instant hot water taps is a standard plug socket free under your kitchen cupboard As all of our tanks work of a standard 1.5kw power supply. View our installation video below.

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