There is no need to be without boiling water on tap

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There is no need to be without boiling water on tap.

Streamline your kitchen by removing the kettle clutter and installing a much more efficient and smarter solution. Boiling water taps, as the name suggests, provide hot water in an instant with the twist of a handle, meaning there is no longer the need to turn on the kettle and wait for the water to boil.

Why consider installing a boiling water tap?

Using a conventional kettle to boil water can be very time consuming and wasteful. It’s easy to overfill the kettle, then whatever’s leftover ends up being poured away and replaced with fresh water. A boiling water tap will make it easier to use the exact quantity of water required as mugs or pans can be filled directly from the tap – a much more efficient and less expensive solution.

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Other advantages include:

  • Not just beneficial for making hot drinks, they also aid with cooking and cleaning.
  • Some taps come with the option of adding a flexi hose.
  • Conveniently fitted to the sink like a regular tap.
  • Fresh, filtered water – helping to reduce single use plastic.
  • Additional safety features for extra protection.
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Are there any cons?

Some of the downsides to boiling water taps include the need for under sink cupboard space to fit the tank, filter and pipes, as well as a power supply. The installation may require a professional tradesperson at an added cost, however, installation is very simple and should take no more than 30 minutes. Hot water taps also need the filter changing every 6 months to both filter your water and reduce the build up of limescale inside the tank.

The initial cost however is usually the biggest turn off for those wanting to install one in their homes. The cost of boiling water taps varies dramatically depending on brand and features. But INTU Evolution believes the taps should be more accessible and available to households and therefore have created products with a much more reasonable price point but just as good quality.

INTU Evolution provides 3-1 taps, 4-1 taps and 4-1 pull down taps which are priced to offer affordability for a product they believe should be in everyone’s homes because of the benefits they provide.

Running cost and maintenance

Although the exact running cost and maintenance differs for each model, INTU Evolution provides water taps that are economical and energy efficient compared to a regular kettle – saving water, energy and money. There are no maintenance costs other than the low power for the tank and replacing your filter every 6 months.

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