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Our hands play a vital role in the transmission of germs and potential infection, which is why hand hygiene has been such a hot topic over the last year. Conventional taps increase the risk of cross contamination and so sensor taps have become a much more desired option to have in the home.

We are all making small but important changes to our homes to ensure they are a safe space for us and our family. Touchless taps are operated completely hands free which minimises the risk of indirectly coming into contact with an area that has been contaminated by others.

Touchless taps incorporate state of the art design and technology to ensure ultimate  convenience. The taps have built in infrared sensors which automatically start and stop the flow of water when they sense motion. Due to this, the taps significantly save on water usage because they will turn off in the absence of movement. Over time, hundreds of gallons of water will be saved from installing a touchless tap, helping the environment and saving money on water bills.

The innovative and stylish design makes the taps much more user friendly and ideal for domestic environments. Even those with limited motor skills can benefit from installing a touchless tap in their homes, ensuring a much more hygienic and safe living space. INTU Evolution offers a range of infrared sensor 2-in-1 kitchen taps which provide quick, safe and hands free water with various styles and finishes to suit any home.

Vision IR set

Discover the new range online here or contact us at [email protected] to learn more about the range of beneficial and innovative products we provide.

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