INTU Helps Barn Conversion Influencers Achieve Clutter-Free Kitchen

For home influencers Annabel Le Brun and Andy Cook, time is precious. Alongside their full-time jobs, they’re in the midst of converting a 170-year-old farmhouse into their forever home; self-building as much as they can in their free time.

Together, they run the Instagram account skyebarnconversion, where they are documenting the transformation process.

So when we provided the couple from Pershore, Worcs. with one of INTU’s state-of-the-art boiling water taps, they were delighted on two fronts. First, that it provided welcome time and effort savings in preparing food and that its understated design perfectly complemented their kitchen.

Annabel says:

“We do lots of home cooking and it’s surprising how often you need a pan of boiling water for prepping and making meals, so we knew it would make life much easier,”

“It fits in our kitchen perfectly, we love how sleek and stylish it is – even the tank is aesthetically pleasing!”

The pair chose the INTU 4OUR Square tap in brushed nickel. The model stood out to them because the 4-in-1 element allows them to pour both cold filtered water and boiling water in seconds, while the angular design gave their kitchen a contemporary finish.

View the 4OUR range here

Annabel adds:

“INTU has such a wide range of tap ranges and designs that it was really easy to find one perfectly suited to us.

“We knew we wanted a brushed nickel finish to match our handles and other appliances. Being able to choose the tank colour was a big bonus too as we have dark cabinets so the tank blends in really well under the sink.”

For the couple, the main benefit of the tap is that they no longer need a kettle taking up valuable space on their kitchen counter.

Annabel explains:

“We loved the simplicity of having instant boiling water straight from a tap, rather than from the kettle. 

“We’re not a fan of appliances on kitchen worktops as I like to keep them as free as possible. So, to be able to remove the kettle from the kitchen was amazing.”

Since they got their INTU boiling water tap installed, Andy and Annabelle have raved about its benefits and its affordability to their 5,000 followers.

“We’ve always dreamt of having a boiling water tap,” says Annabel “ever since we started the kitchen design over a year ago, but didn’t think it would be possible to have such a luxury item within our budget. 

“However, when we came across INTU’s range of taps, we were blown away by the affordability of their products with prices starting from just £299.

“The tap works incredibly well and the boiling water flows really smoothly out of the tap, unlike some other brands which I have seen that can splutter. 

“The safety feature is great and eliminates the risks of accidents. The people at INTU are a lovely, helpful team and their customer service is fantastic.”



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