INTU enables influencer to achieve her clutter-free kitchen dream

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Cutting kitchen clutter is an ambition homes influencer Linda @linda.myhomestyle16 shares with many people.

Counter-tops crammed with devices and gadgets, including kettles, put space at a premium, and make areas seem crowded.

INTU’s range of state-of-the-art boiling water taps help solve this problem for today’s homeowners – as Linda discovered to her delight.

We supplied her with our 4 OUR Chrome & Apex 4-1 square 4-1 Boiling Hot Water Tap.

Its space-saving benefits were among the many advantages she shared with the 20,000+ followers of her @linda.myhomestyle16 account.

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She explained: “Nobody wants busy kitchen countertops, so being able to ditch the kettle has been a god-send.”

Linda also hailed its good looks, adding: “I immediately fell in love with the stylish contemporary design of the tap. It’s helped to create a really sleek aesthetic in the kitchen.

“The finish is really stunning, enabling me to achieve a timeless look.” 

The tap also dispelled one important myth for Linda.

She explains: “I always thought a boiling hot water tap had to be added extra on top of your existing taps in the kitchen, but I was thrilled to learn that that’s not the case at all.”

At INTU we take immense pride at how easy our boiling water taps are to install. Unlike other boiling water tap systems they do not require a plumber to fit and can be installed in less than an hour.

Linda explains: “My husband Graham fitted it himself. He’d never fitted one before but the entire installation went fine and didn’t take too long.”

INTU’s 4 OUR range also helps homeowners be kinder to the planet by not only dispensing instant boiling water but filtered cold water as well.

This can help cut down on plastic use that comes from bottled water.

An affordable luxury that is simple to install, stylish and easy to use, Linda says she is now a complete convert to INTU boiling water taps, adding: “The features speak for themselves, from the ease of use to the price, I couldn’t recommend it more.

“Having no kettle is brilliant. The speed and the taste are both fabulous. 

“We’ll be upgrading our kitchen in the near future – but the tap will be staying because we love it so much.”

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