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At INTU we pride ourselves on our British design and innovation, working to bring the latest technology to every home. We constantly develop our product range to improve performance, software and features to offer you the best solutions.

With the popularity of hot taps increasing in the UK and the rising need of a more sustainable lifestyle for all, we have come up with a range which will allow homes to have the luxury of a hot water tap at an affordable price through British led innovation.

From our Lancashire HQ we create boiling water tap solutions which are sustainable and economical. This allows us to strive for a better future through reduced water use and less plastic use.

At INTU Boiling Water Taps our in-house team has more than 20 years experience developing products that make life simpler for homeowners and businesses, globally. We prioritise customer satisfaction, innovation and above all safety – all available easily through our website.

If you have any questions about your boiling water tap, you can speak directly to our team – we like hearing about your projects and love a good chat.

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