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This past year has seen the home play an increasingly important role as Brits have been asked to do their bit by staying inside. And nowhere is this change more visible than in the kitchen.

As restaurants, cafes and pubs have closed, people have relied heavily on the kitchen. It’s where the nation has been cooking three meals a day, stress-baking banana bread and making mugfulls of tea and coffee as we’ve worked from our bedrooms and kitchen tables.

This shift in the way we live our lives has led to a corresponding shift in interior design as people seek out more expressive colour schemes for the heart of their homes.

One way this has manifested is through the matt black trend, which has a dramatic look while being sleek and sophisticated.

Boiling water taps are a great way to inject matt black into your kitchen. Nearly all INTU taps come in a matt black option, so you can choose between dark and striking versions of the Asprey 3-1 Swan, Expression 3-1 Square, Elite 4-1 Swan, Form 4-1 Swan, Vision IR 2-1 Swan or 4OUR ranges.

The experts at INTU Boiling Water Taps share the many ways they like to see matt black taps incorporated into kitchen design:


blue kitchen

White or cream cabinets were once the go-to choice for a modern kitchen. But we have seen a steep rise in popularity of coloured cabinets over the last couple of years – either as a pop of colour on a kitchen island or throughout the whole kitchen.

Black, dark blue and deep green colours are popular choices for kitchen cabinets to create a bold kitchen design.

INTU matt black boiling water taps add to this colour scheme by creating a continuity between darker cabinets and the kitchen sink. They also eliminate the need for a kettle taking up valuable workspace and adding clutter to this sleek design.

Our 4OUR Square 4-1 taps and Expression 3-1 taps are a great option as they have an angular shape which, combined with its colour, creates a more modern feel.


Monochrome is a kitchen classic. Take, for example, the distinguished chessboard tiles that have remained popular throughout history. Once a trademark of Victorian homes and 1950s American diners, the black-and-white flooring now adorns the hall of Kris Jenner’s house because, like all great trends, it has now come full circle.

Monochrome is a great look to aspire to if a predominantly dark-coloured kitchen isn’t to your taste but you still want a modern kitchen with elements of classic design.

Adding pops of black to a white kitchen can help add a bit more excitement – and black matt taps are a fashionable and functional way of achieving this.

Chique 3-1 and Asprey 3-1 boiling water taps are ideal for this aesthetic as they have a traditional neck which is an elegant and organic shape for a more traditional kitchen.


dark granite worktop

No matter how often and thoroughly you clean your kitchen, unsightly dirt and mess can be stubborn, especially if your kitchen surfaces are white or cream-coloured.

That’s where dark granite countertops come to save the day with its almost-magical ability to hide crumbs left on countertops or marks from everyday use. If someone turns up unannounced, there’s no need to furiously and desperately wipe at the counter.

Dark sink areas and black taps ensure the sink looks cleaner, masking tea and coffee stains or splashes of sauce, while pairing beautifully with the dark countertop.

INTU water taps also carry the added benefit of making it easier to clean, not just being able to hide everyday mess. There’s no need for a kettle – meaning less clutter – and they dispense hot and boiling water at an instant, so cleaning the sink requires much less time and effort.

To make cleaning much easier, the INTU 2-1 Vision IR Touchless Sensor and Form 4-1 taps have a pull-down tap to enable flexibility when washing up.

David Culshaw, INTU Technical Director, says: “Boiling water taps are becoming an increasingly popular option as people want their kitchens to be less cluttered, which kettles can contribute to.

“The use of matt black in interior design and homewares has emerged over the past couple of years and is a growing trend.

“Choosing matt black taps are a great way of injecting personality into a kitchen while making it look effortlessly more modern.”





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