How To Style: Chrome Taps

chrome tap style

Installing a chrome tap is a simple way to add a little sparkle to any kitchen.

It may not have the obvious opulence of brushed gold, or be as bold as matt black, but it’s been a kitchen – and bathroom – mainstay for years.

Not only does chrome withstand the knocks of day-to-day life, its versatility means it is able to stand the test of time while trends for other materials and finishes quickly come and go.

Chrome is ideal for busy people, because its durability and corrosion-resistant surface makes it easy to clean, while maintaining a pleasing sheen.

All INTU taps come in a chrome option, so you can choose between glossy versions of the INTU 3-1, INTU 4-1 boiling water taps and the INTU Vision IR 2-1 touchless sensor taps.

And chrome’s superpower lies in its ability to fit into almost any stylish kitchen design. While the list is neverending, the experts at INTU have narrowed down their favourite ways chrome can be styled to just three:


white kitchen

We believe a traditional white kitchen will be in style until the end of time. By reflecting light, the design can make spaces look bigger while offering a clean, crisp aesthetic.

A traditional kitchen doesn’t mean a boring or unoriginal kitchen. It can act as a blank canvas for rugs, painting and accessories that make the space truly unique and suited to each individual’s taste.

Chrome pairs exceptionally well with white, so we would recommend choosing either solid white or marble countertops to compliment the finish.

In keeping with traditional style, the classic round neck of INTU 3-1 Solo Simplicity Chic and INTU Asprey 3-1 boiling water taps makes them ideal for this look, thanks to its elegant and organic shape.


minimalist kitchen

Marie Kondo has helped to transform our homes almost as much as the pandemic. Her approach to household decluttering has seen reformed hoarders donating and chucking swathes of unwanted clothes, books and goods.

Kettles don’t spark joy. Unlike throwing away items of sentimental value, chucking away this unnecessary appliance won’t be something you’ll regret. Minimalist by default, INTU boiling water taps remove the need for a kettle gathering germs and cluttering up precious workspace.

Centred around simplicity, a minimalist kitchen focuses on clean lines and clutter-free spaces. At INTU, we pride ourselves on our simple design. Not only do our taps look sleek and minimalist, we use stripped-back technology to make them compact and highly efficient.

To correlate to clean lines, our 4-1 Apex FOUR Square taps and 3-1 INTU Lifestyle Expression taps are a great option as they have an angular shape which creates a more contemporary minimalist feel.


black granite

While chrome works with almost every kitchen design, its shine is enhanced against a black background more than any other colour.

If you’ve chosen chrome for its ability to stay clean, the qualities of dark granite countertop will also be appealing thanks to its ability to hide crumbs or marks from everyday use.

INTU water taps carry the added benefit of making it easier to clean. They dispense hot and boiling water at an instant, so cleaning the sink requires much less time and effort.

To make cleaning much easier, the INTU 4-1 Form Boiling Water Tap and INTU 2-1 Vision IR Touchless Sensor tap has a pull-down tap to enable flexibility when washing up.

David Culshaw, INTU Technical Director, says:

“Boiling water taps are becoming an increasingly popular option as people want their kitchens to be less cluttered, which kettles can contribute to.

“Chrome has been used for a long time for homewares as it’s versatile, durable and inexpensive – and we don’t see demand for it slowing down soon. 

“Choosing chrome taps are a great way of injecting style into the kitchen while making it look effortlessly modern.”

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