How To Style: Brushed Nickel Taps

modern white kitchen

Used for over 2,000 years, nickel has stood the test of time and is now a mainstay in our homes and kitchens. As trends come and go, it remains a stylish, classic staple.

Boasting a reputation for warmth and sturdiness, it is also renowned for its long-lasting and practical credentials. Not only is it aesthetically versatile, it will survive much of the wear and tear that other finishes may not.

Like many brushed finished taps, brushed nickel has a softer sheen which gives it a more subtle look and a slightly golden hue. Its naturally warmer shade makes it perfect for bright and light kitchens, but can look equally fitting in contrast to rich, darker coloured walls.

Starting at just £149, many INTU taps come in a brushed nickel option, so you can choose between reliable and homely versions of the Vision IR 2-1, Asprey 3-1 Swan, Expression 3-1 Square, Form 4-1 Swan or 4OUR Swan & Square ranges.

The experts at INTU Boiling Water Taps share the many ways that brushed nickel taps can be incorporated into kitchen design:


farmhouse kitchen

It’s no surprise that homely, wholesome design has become a key trend over the past year. As we all spend more time at home than ever before, our kitchens have become a place of relaxation and respite.

Farmhouse kitchens in particular have become increasingly popular as they evoke a sense of comfort while having a rustic, unpretentious charm.

Brushed nickel accessories and metalware pair perfectly with the natural wood and soft colour palette typical of many of them while adding a touch of warmth throughout.

The INTU Chique 3-1 and Asprey 3-1 boiling water taps are ideal for the farmhouse design as the elegant and organic shape of the round neck is more in keeping with a traditional kitchen.


In the eighties, mixing metals was regarded as an interior design no-no. Thankfully, like shoulder pads and vol-au-vents, this advice has since fallen out of fashion. It is now one of the hottest kitchen trends to emerge over the past year.

Contrast is the key to making this look work and combining brushed nickel with gold, silver, iron or brass is a great way to add an interesting texture and eclectic finish to your kitchen.

With fittings, handleware and accessories available in different metals and finishes, it’s easy to create a unique kitchen that suits your tastes to a tee.

Providing even more choice, INTU 4-1 Luxe Signature, 4-1 Apex 4OUR and 3-1 Solo Simplicity boiling water taps come in a modern square neck or a more traditional round neck.


dark kitchen

While kitchens in classic white and soft grey tones remain the go-to choice, there has been a sharp rise in the number of homeowners gravitating towards the opposite end of the colour spectrum.

Dark kitchens have exploded in popularity over the past year, as moody shades provide a chic sense of sophistication.

INTU boiling water taps in brushed nickel can be used in contrast to rich, darker coloured walls, counters and cabinets to create a bold, dramatic kitchen design.

With its contemporary, angular shape, the INTU 4OUR 4-1 Square perfectly complements the more modern and daring aesthetic of a dark-walled kitchen.

David Culshaw, INTU Technical Director, said:

“Boiling water taps are becoming an increasingly popular option as people want their kitchens to be less cluttered – which kettles can contribute to – as well as effortlessly stylish.

“The use of brushed nickel in interior design and homewares has been a reliable choice for a number of years – and for good reason. 

“Brushed nickel taps are a great way of adding a touch of warmth into a kitchen, while the metal’s finish is versatile and durable.”

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