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brushed gold tap

As lockdown measures begin to lift, Brits are preparing for a summer of garden parties and social gatherings as we enter a new era, which has been tipped to become the ‘roaring twenties’.

And, as the heart of the home, the kitchen will undoubtedly play a pivotal role. Whether it’s a space to entertain friends or a place to prepare food and drink for family, the kitchen will be operating at full capacity – and placed firmly under the spotlight.

What better way to usher in a new gilded age than to add elements of gold to your kitchen. Once referred to by The Incas as the “tears of the sun”, gold is now the ultimate symbol of luxury and status.

Brushed gold in particular has become an increasingly popular kitchen trend. Its satin-matte finish creates a stylish, modern aesthetic which can appear less garish than its unbrushed counterpart.

Boiling water taps in brushed gold are a great way to inject muted glamour into your kitchen – without the extravagant price tag.

Starting at just £399, many INTU taps come in a brushed gold option, so you can choose between chic and alluring versions of the Asprey 3-1 Swan, Expression 3-1 Square, Form 4-1 Swan or 4OUR Swan & Square ranges.


The experts at INTU Boiling Water Taps share the many ways they like to see brushed gold taps incorporated into kitchen design:


white marble worktops

Kitchen designs may come and go, but classic white kitchens will always stand the test of time.

Much like gold, marble is synonymous with luxury and it’s an enduringly popular kitchen trend thanks to its unrivalled quality and ability to achieve an eye-catching, high-end aesthetic.

Pairing INTU brushed gold taps with white marble countertops creates an elegant kitchen by adding a modern twist to a classic and opulent colour combination.

INTU boiling water taps also eliminate the need for a kettle. With unattractive – and very unchic – wires, kettles take up valuable workspace and can ruin the illusion of luxury by contributing to unnecessary clutter on the countertop.


navy cabinets

While white kitchens remain a classic, the past few years have seen darker colours – such as navy, matt grey and green – become increasingly popular choices for kitchen cabinets.

Brushed gold enhances navy blue cabinetry especially well, adding hints of colour and warmth throughout the kitchen to create a sophisticated space.

As well as using brushed gold handleware and light fixtures, the look can be easily achieved by installing INTU boiling water taps in the same finish. It also helps create greater consistency throughout the kitchen.


industrial chic

Once reserved for independent coffee shops, the essential elements of industrial design have been creeping into homes and kitchens for some time – and for good reason.

Taking inspiration from warehouses, the no-frill details and open-plan tendency of industrial design can make a kitchen appear more spacious.

The elements of industrial-style – exposed brickwork, wooden worktops, metal beams and filament light bulbs –  make for visually pleasing decor, marrying sleek and contemporary style with the charm of rustic and vintage interiors.

While industrial-style kitchens traditionally use brushed brass or copper, INTU brushed gold boiling water taps add a subtle opulence to this much-loved aesthetic, without appearing gaudy.

INTU 4OUR Apex 4-1 Square’s angular shape makes for the perfect choice for industrial-style kitchens, adding a contemporary element to an old-world design.

David Culshaw, INTU Technical Director, says:

“Boiling water taps are becoming an increasingly popular option as people want their kitchens to be less cluttered, which kettles can contribute to, and have a more contemporary and sleek design.

“The use of brushed gold in interior design and homewares has become a fast-growing trend and we see this demand increasing over the next few years.

“Choosing brushed gold taps are a great way of injecting sleek opulence into a kitchen while making it look effortlessly more modern.”

* Top image courtesy of home at orchard grove

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