How To Choose the Right Tap

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On average, Brits spend three years of their life in the kitchen*. For many it is the beating heart of the home; where they entertain guests, cook for themselves, and eat with their families.

The kitchen sink takes a starring role. From filling up the kettle to washing the dishes, the kitchen tap is vital in the cooking and cleaning process. That’s why it’s important to find one that suits your needs down to a tee.

They also need to look good. The simplicity of INTU water taps means they’re not only compact and efficient, they also look sleek and stylish.

INTU has nine collections of taps to choose from, so whatever your lifestyle, there’ll be a tap to match.

On a Budget

on a budget

Not all boiling water taps are priced equally; some brands can cost in excess of £1,100 – and that’s for the tap alone.

At INTU, we’re passionate that boiling water taps should be accessible as we want as many people as possible to benefit from their convenience, cost-effectiveness and environmental advantages.

But this can only happen if boiling water taps are reasonably priced. INTU are able to provide a simple, but luxurious and efficient tap at an attainable price by stripping our taps to the essentials.

Our least expensive taps are in our 3-1 Solo collection, with both the Asprey and Expression models priced from £429.

Taking into account a replacement filter, you’d only need to budget around £450 if you choose to install the tap yourself.

Health Conscious and Environmentally Friendly

athletic woman drinking water after training

Boiling water taps have many advantages, including helping to limit the consumption of bottled water, which can make a real difference to the planet.

One million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute, worldwide* and drinking water from the tap is one of the main ways people can cut down on single-use plastics.

If you’re keen to do your bit for the planet Nexus 4-1 and Nexus 4-1 Spray are ideal as they provide bottle-quality water without the need for bottles. The 4-1 taps provide cold filtered water, as well as filtered boiling water plus hot and cold water, saving precious space in the fridge.

Cutting down on bottled water shouldn’t mean compromising on taste and health. INTU FILTERS remove 99% of water bound contaminants – including Chlorine – so all you can taste is pure, filtered cold water.

Traditional Design

The past year has seen homeowners more reliant on their kitchens as restaurant and pub closures mean we’re cooking all our evening meals at home – and lunch is no longer a sandwich from the cafe next to the office.

Having a sleek, modern and utilitarian space has never been more important. If you have a penchant for traditional interiors, INTU has a number of taps to complement classic kitchen designs.

Our Nexus 3-1 AspreyNexus 4-1 and Nexus 4-1 Spray taps all have a traditional neck which is an elegant and organic shape for an equally traditional kitchen.

Modern Design

If a modern boiling water tap would be more in keeping with the style of your kitchen, INTU have a range of taps with square necks.

Our Nexus 4-1 Square taps and Nexus 3-1 Expression taps are in this popular style, which is more modern and adds an urban feel with its angular shape.

David Culshaw, INTU Technical Director, says: “If you’ve never had a boiling water tap in your home, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

“There are a variety of brands all offering something different and at a wildly varying price range, with some taps priced at over £1,000.

“At INTU, we have a wide selection of taps and we are dedicated to providing them at an accessible price, so we’re confident that there’s an INTU tap to suit every lifestyle requirement, kitchen design and budget.



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