How does a boiling tap work

how does a boiling water tap work featured

You may think using a boiling water tap can be pretty tricky to use. Here at INTU Evolution we put safety at the heart of everything we do to ensure the use of your boiling tap is easy and safe each time you use it.

We offer different taps for different uses. Whether this is for your standard hot and cold or you want filtered boiling water and filtered cold water and also with the added extra of filtered chilled drinking water.

Need help deciding which tap is right for you? Why not read these helpful articles.

How to choose the right tap
What is the difference between a 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 boiling water tap?

All our taps have different child safety mechanisms as we have tried to cater for all . Our Form tap features a pull out safety catch which lets you have your 98 degree water left on without the need to hold the handle. Or our Solo 3-1 and Nexus 4-1 ranges have a press down safety catch which is spring loaded meaning once you let go the water supply is shut off.

using an intu tap

We also offer a range of different tanks. We have a solo range which delivers a set temperate of 98 degrees and has just 1 button to turn on and off or we have our NEXUS generation tank which has a digital display with the ability to change the temperature of the water and also has a filter recognition warning which indicates when you need to change your filter.  They both work off a standard 1.5kw plug socket and fit neatly in the cupboard under your sink with space still left over for your kitchen cleaning essentials

tank models 2

All our hot water taps come complete with a tank and a filter which you simply twist and lock to fit.  The filter gives you clean filtered 98 degree hot water and on the 4-1 filtered cold drinking water.  Changing your filter is very important and needs to be done every 4- 6 months depending on whether you are in a hard or soft water area as if not changed this cannot only damage your tank but also void your warranty.

Our taps come in either swan or square neck and we offer up to 6 different colour finishes. One to suit every kitchen.

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