How Boiling Water Taps Help The Environment

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At INTU, we’re passionate about keeping things clean – both inside and outside the house.

Not only do INTU boiling water taps reduce clutter in the kitchen, they help declutter the planet by minimising the need to buy plastic bottles.

INTU boiling water taps are more energy efficient than the traditional kettle – saving precious energy and water. So you shouldn’t have to choose between harming the environment and making a hot drink.

Here’s how INTU boiling water taps can help reduce your impact on the environment:



One million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute, worldwide*. And a recent report revealed that plastic bottles accounted for the largest amount of plastic waste in European waterway.

According to Earthwatch Europe and Plastic Oceans UK**, plastic bottles make up 14% of all identifiable plastic litter items found in European freshwater environments.

Limiting our consumption of bottled water can make a real difference to the planet. That’s why INTU 4OUR 4-1 and INTU Form 4-1 taps are ideal for the environmentally-conscious, as they provide bottle-quality water without the need for single-use plastic.

INTU FILTERS remove 99% of water bound contaminants – including Chlorine – so all you can taste is pure, filtered cold water. No plastic bottles needed.

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According to a report from Energy Saving Trust, 85% of people boil the kettle every day.

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red kettle
red kettle
red kettle


40% of households boiling the kettle at least four times a day.

The majority of households (75%) are also boiling more water than they need***. As a nation of tea guzzlers, this means a substantial amount of unnecessary energy and CO2 is used every day in the UK.

Overfilling the kettle and wasting water comes at a cost – and not just at the planet’s expense. It costs around 2p for every time a full 1.5-litre kettle is boiled for three minutes.

Overfilling kettles costs Britain £68m a year!

With INTU boiling water taps, there’s no need to fill – or overfill – a kettle, so it only heats the exact amount of water you need.




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