How Boiling Water Taps Can Benefit The Office

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Workplace hygiene has always been important in ensuring workers are happy, healthy and productive.

But the coronavirus pandemic has made maintaining high levels of workplace cleanliness more crucial than ever.

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In a survey by hand sanitiser firm Sanitiser Sentinel, 64% of 2,500 respondents said hygiene levels in the workplace had failed to improve in line with COVID-19*.

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When asked to specify why this was, 23% noted the kitchen was unclean.

Messy kitchens are not only unpleasant for colleagues and visitors, but they could play a part in spreading bacteria and germs among the workforce. They could even be in danger of breaching basic legislation under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

At INTU, we believe making a cup of tea and coffee shouldn’t require a cleaner. And our boiling water taps can help make things easier. Here are some of the many ways they can help make the office a more welcoming space:


Hectic work days mean staff kitchens and communal spaces can sometimes be busier – and messier – than you might like.

INTU boiling water taps makes the kettle redundant, so there’s no need for them taking up valuable space on kitchen worktops. There’s also no unsavoury wires which could get in the way while you use the facilities.

As a bonus, it also saves precious plug sockets!


Our taps can be used for so much more than tea and coffee. They can also be used for cooking and cleaning – and INTU boiling water taps allow staff to access hot water when convenient and at the touch of a button or the wave of a hand.

With digital tanks water temperature can be changed instantly using a touch LED control panel. Whether staff or guests need hot water for a pot noodle or a pot of Chinese tea, the perfect temperature is available straight away. This makes it ideal for busy lunchtimes and breaks.

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INTU taps are for more than hot drinks, but we know that tea and coffee provide essential fuel for staff.

Contrary to common belief, the perfect temperature for a cup of black tea is somewhere between 90 and 98 degrees. This drops to 80 degrees for green tea. Using 100-degree boiling water straight from the kettle can risk burning delicate tea leaves**.

As INTU taps heat water to 98 degrees, there’s no risk of ruining a precious cuppa.

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