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Get INTU-it Yourself: Install An INTU Boiling Water Tap is easy

Britain has always been a nation of DIY-ers.

We enjoy little more than getting up a stepladder and splashing some emulsion on the walls.

And lockdown, has of course, seen this love affair blossom – with DIY chains reporting rocketing sales amid a home improvement boom.


Research by B&Q shows that over a third (35%) of people are now more ambitious about the projects they are prepared to take on at home.


Instinctively you might assume installing a boiling water tap was a complicated affair best left to the professionals.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. With our range of boiling water taps – you can get INTU-it yourself.

And, with only four connections (for a 3-1 tap), you can generally get the job done in as little as an hour.

Try hanging wallpaper quicker than that.

The secret to our simplicity can be found in our systems setup.


Unlike most hot tap systems that require external vents to be fitted – ours does not – immediately eliminating a lot of drilling and hard work.

The tank offers 2.4 litres of capacity, and measuring just 334mm x 225mm slots happily under any sink.

And, unlike most ovens you don’t need to install any special electrical points either – as it plugs into a standard 13 amp switched outlet.

All the connectors you need are included in the box alongside a filter.


Installing the system is a delightfully straightforward process that starts with turning off the cold and hot water valves under your sink and removing the current tap.

Included with your 3-1 INTU tap are five hoses. Connect hoses to the hot and cold water valves, tap, tank & filter and you can be enjoying the delights of immediate boiling water in no time at all, while congratulating yourself on a DIY job well done.

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