Every Drop Count

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Every day we use water to clean, nourish and hydrate. Whether this is watering your flowers in your garden or home, washing clothes or keeping you, your family and pets hydrated. With energy bills risen it’s even more important that we make sure we don’t waste water.

every drop counts

Every time we use water this comes at a cost so making sure you only use the amount of water you need and avoid wasting water will not only save you money but it will save our environment. So many households waste water when completing the simplest of tasks like filling the kettle to make a cup of tea and coffee. Ensuring you have just the right amount of water in your kettle to make 1 cup of tea is virtually impossible to gauge, meaning any surplus water left will be thrown away and replaced with fresh water next time.

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With an INTU Boiling water tap there is no water waste. you simply press the safety catch and twist the lever which dispenses instant 98° water straight from the spout, meaning you use the correct amount of water every time.

Here at INTU Evolution we pride ourselves in educating others to help reduce the carbon footprint and ensuring a sustainable future for everyone!

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