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Copper – the trend here to stay

Copper has been the go-to for designers and interior enthusiasts for years and now the trend is hotter than ever. Beyond it’s undeniable style credentials, the antibacterial properties of copper have become a real selling point during the pandemic.

The gorgeous warm hued metal is still desirable from an aesthetic point of view, but it’s also sought after for its hygiene credentials, particularly for kitchen and bathroom touch points such as taps, handles and switches. The rich metallic is simple yet sophisticated and completely transforms any space.

The experts at INTU Boiling Water Taps explore how to bring the Copper trend into our homes this year.

Copper in the kitchen

Copper works naturally in the kitchen – a copper tap is a great way to bring a rustic chic feel to a space, or add warmth to a dark or all-white room. Turn up the temperature by adding copper pipework, go polished for a luxurious look or brushed for an industrial chic feel.

Connecting with nature is a key trend which we’ll see more of in 2021. A brushed copper tap is a brilliant feature for a nature inspired space –  elevate that space with pops of copper throughout with pans or decorative accessories. Having an INTU Boiling Water tap saves the need for a kettle, so leaves more space to add these touches. Our INTU Boiling Water Tap range, comes in various different styles – so there is something to suit every home – discover our tap styles here.

If you really want to commit to this trend, copper cookers and kitchen islands are an option so it depends how far you want to take it – it’s always best to start small and keep going until you find your style. Wooden accessories such as chopping boards and worktops work well to add extra warmth and cosiness.

Copper in the bathroom

Just like in the kitchen, copper taps, pipes and handles can work magic with a minimalist space – making for an elegant bathroom design when combined with white or dark metro tiles or marble.

If you’re looking to add a bolder feature, a copper bathtub or radiator would really make the room stand out – we can overlook bathrooms in decorating, so this is a simple and quick way to refresh the style of the space without redoing it completely.

Copper in the rest of the home

Copper is such a versatile metal that it works in any space if you know how to introduce it.

If you have some copper features in the kitchen and bathroom, complete the look by adding warm metal lights in the living spaces. A quick and budget-friendly option is also getting some smaller accessories in – such as copper candle holders, trays and paperweights.

Copper accessories pair excellently with pastels and Earthy colours, as well as the classic white, black and dark grey, and also wood for an extra cosy and warm feel.

Ready to bring the copper trend into your kitchen? Check out the Brushed Copper taps available at INTU Boiling Water Taps. 

Comments by Kieran Taylor-Bradshaw, Marketing Director at INTU Boiling Water Taps.



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