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We caught up with busy working mum Katie from @fallwithgrace to find out her thoughts on her INTU Evolution instant hot water tap.

busy working mum fall with grace

We asked Katie How does your INTU Boiling water tap benefit your busy life as a mum and successful business owner of Fall_Withgrace ?

Our boiling tap makes our very busy lives that little bit easier, I really notice it’s impact when coming home from work and school and needing a quick dinner before heading out to swimming with the children. We always have pasta on a Tuesday haha. My children are massive fans as the wait for their dinner has been cut hugely haha.

Most Sundays we sit down for a family roast and I am very well known for forgetting the gravy and our tap saves the dinner week in, week out!

What made INTU Evolution stand out as your chosen brand of Boiling Water Taps ?

I researched into lots of brands, we felt the warranty was brilliant and I love the idea of adding a chiller to the system at a later date. I felt the product was really good value for such a quality product. My parents have a boiling tap and their one is known to splutter and I am grateful ours doesn’t do this. Although my children know not to use the tap, having the safety feature does mean we can relax knowing it won’t cause them any harm.

What’s your favourite part of having an INTU Boiling Water Tap?

Aside from having one less thing taking up precious worktop space, my husband and I take in turns to go down and get a cup of tea as soon as we wake up. My favourite part of having a boiling tap certainly has to be, that it takes only moments before I get that cuppa in my hand.

How did you choose the style and colour you have ?

I had a browse through all the beautiful colour options and styles and I was very tempted by the black tap as I think it is simply stunning, but we felt the brushed colour in the Swan style complimented the rest of our kitchen. The Swan Style is elegant and a classic shape. Simply beautiful.

Fall with Grace is a brother and sister team creating personalised wooden gifts in our West Sussex workshop. @fall_withgrace

busy working mum

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