A boiling water tap can help reduce our water usage substantially

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We all know that households need water to drink, for food prep, culture, health and for our gardens – but not everyone realises that a boiling water tap can help reduce our water usage substantially.

boiling water tap can be a more sustainable choice for your kitchen and is just one easy way we can all cut our water wastage.

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The majority of households (75%) are boiling more water than they need.

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Overfilling the kettle and wasting water comes at a cost- and not just at the planet’s expense. It costs around 2p every time a full 1.5 litre kettle is boiling for 3 minutes which means that over filling kettles cost Britain £68m a year.

As the doors close on COP26 we want to help educate the nation on sustainability.

Switching to a boiling water tap is only a small change to make – but we must all look to minimise water wastage in as many ways as possible if we are truly committed to protecting this precious and irreplaceable resource.

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